GDPR – Idenfifying your risks

Posted: May 4, 2018

As the GDPR enforcement date is upon us, many companies are shifting into panic mode trying to really understand not only what the GDPR means to their company operationally, but also where their true risk lies.  How do they evaluate that risk?  How do they understand the impact of those risk factors? And finally, where do they even start on the journey to compliance?

With the amount of ambiguity the GDPR presents, there are no easy answers to these questions, but there certainly is a clear-cut place to start – understanding where your EU data subject PII lives.

Whether you’re a data processor or data controller, most organizations realize they have EU data subject PII within their organization, but not necessarily where it resides. Most assume it’s an IT department issue, but few realize it’s an overall organizational issue.  How does your marketing department handle outbound communication? Do they capture consent?  How do your sales teams manage their customers within their CRM platform?  How does HR manage employee data for entities that operate in the EU?

As we move ever closer to the May 25thenforcement date, the question needs to change from where does your EU data live to how does it flow throughout your organization.  Understanding the data flows will pinpoint what departments will need to get involved and help put you on the path to  GDPR compliance.


Michael Kramer

Author: Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer is focused on helping customers navigate the constant complexities of security, risk management and compliance. With the continued evolution in the compliance/regulation space, Michael’s focus is not only what a certain regulation means from a governance perspective, but more importantly, how that regulation specifically affects your organization operationally.

Outside of work, Michael is an Atlanta sports optimist, golf addict, and proud family man.

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